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Meet the founder:

Kenneth D. Kastner 

CPA (Isr), EA, CAA

Born and raised in New York, Mr. Kastner currently resides in Israel with his wife and 4 children. After receiving a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Information Systems from JCT, he went on to earn a CPA license in Israel, as well as being admitted as an EA (enrolled agent) to represent taxpayers before the IRS. He is also a CAA (certified acceptance agent), enabling him to assist taxpayers to obtain Tax ID numbers (ITIN) from the IRS. 

Following a career of more than a decade working in international tax departments for various accounting firms such as Big-4 EY, award-winning Expat Tax Professionals, and most recently successfully managing a large team of US tax preparers and tax advisors at GTS Israel, he decided to pursue his true passion, advocating for a healthy work-life balance, by personal example. 

Kastner Tax Solutions was established during the COVID-19 crisis as a boutique online platform designed to share the vast knowledge and experience he compiled in the real estate taxation field, for the benefit of investors, potential investors, and real estate professionals who want to save taxes! 

When he isn't engrossed in tax research or client services, Mr. Kastner is likely to be found on a baseball field or in front of a screen watching an MLB game with his family.

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Kenneth's Colleagues and Employees

My previous position was Tax Director at GTS. Here are some of the things my team members wrote to me when I left.

About: Testimonials

I have enjoyed working with you on a professional level, and have learned a lot from you. You took responsibility for any problem, and came up with creative solutions to make things work. You earned the trust of the team, the clients and your superiors. You constantly raised the level of the team, and delivered value to the clients. You did whatever was necessary to get the job done, while understanding others' limitations.

- A.G.

You invested yourself heart & soul to help GTS grow to be the top-notch tax provider it is, built this team and used your vision and unbelievable management skills to prompt each and every one of us to use our skills to the fullest.

- M.Z.

I want to personally express my gratitude for everything you've taught me in the three years we've worked together. For the example you set for all of us, as a manager and as a mensch. For the tremendous thought behind each of the processes you created & the humility to recreate them as many times as required so that all would be able to work efficiently, happily and to the best of our abilities providing maximum service to the clients & with a minimum of error. For your ability to focus on what was important and get us all there. For the vast tax knowledge you possess and your willingness to share it (over & over again), with patience and a smile. For your skill in client relations and ability to smooth the most ruffled feathers. For giving me (& each of one of us) the chance (& the time) to grow & achieve and for encouraging us to do so. For believing in us and for helping us to believe in ourselves. All of this is is in addition to the professionalism, knowledge, management skills, foresight and vision you brought to GTS.

- R.S.

Thank you so much for being a superb manager in every way.  Know that you are sorely missed and that your investment in all of us will stand us in good stead as we regroup.

- B.Y.

You deserve many more accolades.
You are a hard act to follow! 
We will certainly put all the skills you worked so hard to impart to the team to good use.

- R.J.

It was a pleasure working with you and sharing your professionalism. The office will definitely not be the same.

- M.M.

Thank you for a wonderful year we had together. It was a pleasure to have such a supportive manager and you will be greatly missed in the office.

- W.T.

I know we only overlapped for a short time and I just wanted to say how disappointed I am that you left.
From the little bit that I am here, I can see what a beautiful system you built and how much the team loves and appreciates you.
I’m positive that you will be going really far and this was just a stepping stone for you.
Thanks for the great opportunity to work with you and you already are really really missed.

- E.W.

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