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A Star is Born! 🌟

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Greetings! This is my very first blog post. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. I have lots of great down-to-earth content to share with you so feel free to follow this page and visit often. My goal is to blog approximately once per week, or 50 blog posts per year.

Let me begin by telling you a bit about myself. This is me, Kenneth Daniel Kastner:

I'm 38 years old, married with 4 kids, a dog, and 3 rabbits. I'm actually allergic to animals, but the rabbits live in a cozy area of our backyard, and the dog is very small, has hair instead of fur and is therefore considered somewhat hypoallergenic. Here is a recent photo of her, just chilling:

The truth is, although I care about animals, I value people even more, especially my wife and kids. They are smart, funny, supportive, and much more! But I don't plan on posting pictures of them here. Nor do I plan on posting pictures of my super supportive parents, siblings, and grandmother. That should not take away from the amount of gratitude I have towards them; I owe them my life.

Though I currently live in Israel, I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. My favorite sport always was and still is baseball, and I'm a big NY Mets fan.

I'm gifted with a keen eye for detail, which comes in quite handy, both in my professional life and my personal life.

I'm also an associative thinker, so the last sentence I wrote prompted me to think about (and write about) my work-life balance. I think that allowing for flexibility at work in order to accommodate one's personal life is extremely important. Not only does it put things into perspective, but this mindset also allows the motivation behind work and life to feed into each other (though not necessarily mingle with each other) and the result should be a win-win situation for all. I think that, slowly but surely, many employers are becoming more aware of the importance and benefits of allowing employees to lead a healthy balance of professional and personal life.

All of that is wonderful, but what possessed me to open up my own business after being employed at both large and small accounting firms for my entire professional life? Well, besides for the obvious work-life balance potential, I believe that I can provide significant and revolutionary value in the world of U.S. real estate tax for nonresident investors. It is my niche, my specialty, and my main focus during the last 6 years, leading a U.S. real estate tax team of talented tax return preparers and tax consultants, servicing thousands of clients.

As the world slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Kastner Tax Solutions is here with a boutique online service, designed specifically to encompass the tax needs of foreign investors in US real estate.

I am confident that, with God's help, my new clients will reap the benefits of top-notch professional service, and as I grow my business, my new employees will appreciate the gift of an employer who understands and preaches values such as work-life balance.

As I embark on this new journey, I encourage YOU to provide feedback with your suggestions and ideas and be a part of our growth!

Kenneth D. Kastner, CPA (Isr), EA, CAA is the Founder and CEO of Kastner Tax Solutions LLC, a boutique online tax firm specializing in US real estate tax services for foreign investors worldwide. He can be contacted directly via his website or mobile app by Wix.

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